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Labour Standards Assurance

LSAS 1 - Policy

Crest Medical Holdings Ltd. (CMH) Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) Policy is underpinned in its Code of Conduct for Ethical Trading dated 18th April 2018, (LSAS 1). It is approved by Senior Management and applies to both the internal organisation and the supply chain. Crest Medical Holdings Ltd, commits to continual improvement and sets out 15 core minimum Labour Standards within the policy. To demonstrate our commitment, adequate and sufficient resources are made available to the LSAS, to establish the continuous progress of adhering to the policy. Crest Medical ensure all staff are knowingly aware of the importance of adhering to the LSAS framework and expectations throughout the organisation. The LSAS framework is communicated to all employees at induction phase (LSAS 2) and can be accessed internally on our company portal. However, we acknowledge the importance of LSAS and thus, staff are reminded and refreshed of the policy during periods of training. All new suppliers are also required and expected to agree acceptance of the policy as part of our technical agreement, (LSAS 3). Our Suppliers and contractors are regularly updated with our existing policy and the importance of adhering to it. The Code of Conduct for ethical trading along with other supporting policies e.g. the Crest Medical Social Responsibility and our Supply Chain Policy (LSAS 4) is reviewed annually, and evidence of that review can be made available on request. Crest Medical Holdings also require all registered suppliers to comply with national laws to ensure the principles held within the LSAS Specification and the base code of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) are complied with. The organisation also commits to complying with legal and other requirements and this is stated throughout its ISO 13485 Quality Management System. For further information regarding our policy agreements and expectations from our suppliers, please get in touch with our Quality Assurance Team at Head Office: 0845 230 2091
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