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Companies who supply to, or will supply to, National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain must ensure the use of fair labour in their supply chain.The Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) is designed to reduce the incidence of labour standards abuses in the medical supply industry.


At Crest Medical, we ensure we are committed to the NHS Supply Chain (NHS SC) by meeting all ethical requirements which are reviewed as part of an independent Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) audit. 

Developed by NHS SC, in conjunction with the Department of Health and industry bodies, LSAS provides an extra level of corporate, social and ethical governance with regards to labour standards. Our customers can be assured our procurement and logistics meets all the stated expectations.

Initially piloted on the Surgical Instruments Framework, NHS SC has added additional areas for LSAS compliance within its contract portfolio. 

By actively working with LSAS to manage and monitor our labour standards at Crest Medical, we can drive improvements within the supply chain as a trusted supplier.

The NHS SC reduces the potential for labour standards abuses to go undetected. Thus, Trusts can buy from NHS Supply Chain confident in the knowledge that NHS SC supplier are proactively managing labour standards within their supply chains.


So - What are the benefits in knowing a supplier is LSAS compliant?

Primarily, LSAS has 4 levels of maturity:





Within 6 months of contract launch, suppliers must provide the NHS SC with proof of audit compliance against a minimum of LSAS Level 1 Foundation before their products can be purchased by NHS Trusts through the NHS SC Framework; with subsequent deadlines for suppliers to achieve compliance to the higher LSAS levels. 

As an SA 8000-accredited certification body, Lloyd's Register (LR) is accredited to assess NHS suppliers against the four different LSAS levels. Each LSAS level has clear goals that guide suppliers through the subsequent levels, with additional support from NHS SC to assist suppliers through the auditing process. 

LSAS compliance certified by LR means that suppliers show commitment to industry responsibility and continuous improvement, while NHS Trusts can demonstrate to stakeholders that labour standards are being effectively managed within their supply chains.

Labour Standards Assurance (Management) Systems Audit

The LSAS Maturity Matrix demonstrates our commitment to working towards continual improvement. Below is the evidence of our progress – at Crest Medical, we are compliant with Level Two guidelines and are currently proceeding to initiate the implementation of Level Three Expectations.. 

In short, we are commencing with and adhering to procedures to manage our supply chain in the most ethical and efficient way.


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